Harmful effects of Ammonia on Birds

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Chicken Coops and Backyard Chickens

Knowing the ammonia level in your chicken coop is important

Ammonia gas in coops, pens and other areas chickens live affects their health condition. An effective ammonia control product, litter management,  and ventilation will minimize the level of ammonia in your coop.  Minimizing ammonia has several positive effects including: improved growth and egg productivity, reduces the likelihood of respiratory diseases and eye conjunctivitis , improves the birds’ welfare and provides a pleasant, safe environment for them.


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Harmful effects of ammonia on birds

By Dr. Tahseen Aziz, Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Dr. H. John Barnes, College of Veterinary Medicine, NC State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

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  1. Chick Flic » Cheryl & Her Chickens
    June 2, 2015

    […] This was our opportunity to demonstrate how CHICK Flic binds ammonia into ammonium sulfate which is harmless and odorless. Cheryl did the sniff test where pure ammonia is dropped into CHICK Flic and also another product that claims ammonia control for a comparison. In this case Cheryl said she used Sweet PDZ. She was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the ammonia odor went away in CHICK Flic and equally surprised how the product she used in the past had no effect over the ammonia smell. You may ask why use clear ammonia? You see pure, clear ammonia as the ultimate test for a product that claims ammonia control. If CHICK Flic can bind pure ammonia then it is an easy task for it to eliminate ammonia that slowly and continuously rises out of the droppings as bacterial enzymes break them down in the coop. See this article for effects of ammonia on chickens. […]


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