New Jersey Avian Bowlers Going to Nationals!

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New Jersey 4-H has wholeheartedly taken up the Avian Bowl banner.  They started the program this year and have had steadily increasing interest by both junior and senior members.  Chick Flic, a chicken coop ammonia eliminator, is an official sponsor of the event this year.

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Jr Team w/ the CHICK Flic sponsored Avian Bowl Banner


One of the benefits of Avian Bowl is that members need not own chickens to participate, thereby making it a great contest for both urban and rural counties.

On Friday, September 25, 2015, New Jersey 4-H held their State Qualifier in the town of Clayton at the county government offices.  There were 3 senior teams competing to represent their state at Nationals and 1 junior team.  It can honestly be said that it was a VERY competitive event.  The members were well-prepared having studied hard during the year.

The three senior teams were Shore Poultry from Ocean County, Cool Chicks from Salem County, and Wings N Things from Middlesex County.  The winning team received $1000 to help them travel to Nationals in Louisville, KY.

All New Jersey Teams together!

All New Jersey Teams together!

The event had its ups and downs, and even a few tears were shed.  There were challenges to answers, missteps with the buzzers, misspelled words, over eager answers, and triumph in the end.  Shore Poultry, a team that won several other contests in the region, took third.  Wings N Things was new to the contest and used both knowledge and strategy to their benefit.

Cool Chicks Team

Cool Chicks Team

Cool Chicks came out on top and will be representing the great state of New Jersey for the very first time at Nationals.  This team of two, Shyanna Tomlinson and Grace Majorossy, worked well together to execute their winning strategy.

Grace Majorossy & Shyanna Tomlinson

Cool Chicks – Grace Majorossy & Coach Mindy and Shyanna Tomlinson


In the written examination that seeds the teams in this contest, Cool Chicks achieved the highest score and received the bye.  They continued to win until the second to last round when they lost for the first time to Wings N Things.  Since this is a double elimination contest, the two teams had to compete against each other again.  There were 10 questions and Cool Chicks easily took the lead in the last round.  They held on to it and were proclaimed the winners!  Ms. Tomlinson was so overjoyed that she teared up.  Apparently, when living in another state Ms. Tomlinson, whose mother, Mindy, was the coach of the team, had been playing Avian Bowl for years and for a long time had hopes of reaching Nationals.

I hope you will join us at CHICK Flic in wishing them luck at Nationals!  Scroll down for more pics of this fun chicken event!


"Wings N Things" Team from Middlesex Co., NJ

“Wings N Things” Team from Middlesex Co., NJ

"Shore Poultry" Team from Ocean Co., NJ

“Shore Poultry” Team from Ocean Co., NJ

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