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Hair Loss - How To Buy Propecia In Indonesia chickfliccoop.comeliminates ammonia in chicken coops and backyard pens

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CHICK Flic® Odor Eliminator was developed in response to inquiries by owners of back yard and small flock chickens for a safe and effective product that would control ammonia and help dry out the coops and runways. In meeting this need we wanted to consider both the requirement for an effective and safe product, as well as the desire for a product that was cost effective.

There are only a few products on the market and most consist of different clays. Clay products have some ability to absorb moisture but only limited ability to reduce ammonia production. CHICK Flic is unique in that it contains an active ingredient that actually binds ammonia into a non-volatile form, while the specially processed clay continues to maintain dryer litter.

When used as directed, on a regular basis, ammonia can be eliminated. When compared with other products on the market, a lesser amount of CHICK Flic can be used to produce a more effective control of ammonia. Depending on the condition of the litter base and runway, a weekly application is all that is necessary.

We only have 3 chickens but they certainly can smell like a dozen. I would enjoy any other tips you have to keep the smell down. Chic Flic is a must in our coop!”- Nani    Hawaii