The Chicken Run is Done!

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We completed our roofing so felt it was time to place the coop our friend gave us inside.  The family started getting excited at this point because they realized we would soon be picking up our chickens.  We picked them up on a late afternoon which was a great idea.  For those of you reading […]

Chicken Run #7

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As you can see Garrett and Braxton had fun putting down the underlayment to prepare the top of our Chicken Run.  Now for our roof!     Our family’s domestic engineer who is also my beautiful wife, Meredith, requested a tin roof for aesthetic reasons.  I agreed it would look nice from our house, especially from […]

Chicken Run – 6

We are excited that our framing is up.  This Chicken Run is starting to take on a shape and we can all see what it going to look like.  Our next step was to put  a roof on!  First I needed to learn how to cut rafters and place them on our framing.  We researched […]

Chicken Run – 5

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To continue from part 4, I added a photo of the fence and trench we dug that was not is the last post.  You can see how we bent the fence to fit into the trench just before we added the blocks to the cover the portion that is underground.  We stapled the fence to […]

Chicken Run – 4

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Chicken Run – 4

Now that we have the 6 posts up, we have a frame for our chicken run.  Before we move forward in adding t0 the frame we are going to dig a trench along the perimeter of this run.  This was an easy decision to make.  All the stories I heard and people I spoke with […]

Chicken Run – 3

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Chicken Run – 3

We don’t own a tractor with an auger or any type of powered digger so I will have to do this digging the old fashioned way. Our NC soil tends to be high in clay content which can be difficult to grow anything and can pack tightly when it hasn’t received any moisture in a […]

Chicken Run 2

To continue from part 1 and recap a little.  My wife and I have 3 sons who are pretty good for the most part…  They need to stay active so we take them on trips to give them outdoor experiences and also simply tire them out. Meredith and I have learned to schedule activities during […]

Chicken Run – 1

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  Hello! Let me introduce you to our family.  We are the Ubers.  Meredith and I have 3 sons Marschall, Garrett, and Braxton.   We wanted to add chickens to our family for quite a while but we had our home for sale and since it took a couple years to find a buyer we […]

Amy’s Coop and Run Part 3

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Coop / run expansion is complete!! Welcome to the Metalhead Ranch Hen House.  Landscaping is still to be done in the next few weeks. And the tour begins … As you see on the side, there is a set of tall doors. This is to let the tractor through when needed and the wheel barrow […]

Amy’s Coop and Run Expansion Phase 2

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If you have seen Amy’s previous post we left you with this photo of her ground breaking for her expansion!   Here are Amy’s comments are her expansion progress.   “It’s taking time but coming along.  The outside is done except for hanging the artwork back up.” The inside the building… The nest boxes just […]