Joey Harding part 1

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  If you have considered getting backyard chickens and not fully committed or have decided to but not yet started we hope this article will encourage you to jump in and get started!  Meet Joey Harding, father, sales professional, suburbanite, and chicken enthusiast!  Just over a year ago, Joey, made a decision to raise chickens […]


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If you would like to share something about your backyard flock please contact us and we might feature you in a photo album, video blog, or article on     Please follow and like us:

An invite to you and your backyard chickens

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Chick Flic is the best product available to eliminate harmful ammonia in your coop.  But we don’t plan to only talk about ammonia elimination.  We plan to feature a backyard chicken enthusiast monthly for you to read about.  Check here in order to learn what others are doing to keep their well-loved chicken’s diets sound, […]

Introduction to Chick Flic

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Honestly everyone, I had no clue!…Until I began to search on Google and Bing… Have you ever wondered how many sites there are on the internet that are all about chickens? I don’t mean the kind of chickens that we find in the meat counter of the supermarket or the kind that lay the eggs […]