Chick Flic-bags, back and frontCHICK Flic® Odor Eliminator

What is it?

CHICK Flic® is a safe and effective dry granular product specifically formulated for back yard flocks to control ammonia and maintain a dry litter base in coops and runways.

What does it do?

CHICK Flic® immediately controls ammonia produced from chicken droppings and it aids in maintaining a dry litter base. Since ammonia is an attractant for flies, by reducing the ammonia it has been observed that the fly populations are reduced.

Is it safe?

Yes. The ingredients in CHICK Flic® are used in different applications in livestock and poultry feed.

What is it made of?

CHICK Flic® consists of a unique odor eliminating product blended into specially processed clay.

Will it hurt birds to eat it?

No. The ingredients in CHICK Flic® are used in other applications in feed and water.

Will it affect composting?

CHICK Flic® has a positive effect on composting because it increases the nitrogen content of the litter by binding the ammonia into non-volatile ammonium sulfate. This improves the fertilizer value of the compost. It does not have any adverse effect on composting.

How long will it last?

The length of time an application will last depends greatly on the moisture content of the litter base, temperature and the amount of chicken manure but, one application generally lasts for a week under normal conditions. See our post on this site showing the research a prominent University’s poultry department did on how long CHICK Flic® will control ammonia.

How much do you have to apply?

CHICK Flic goes a long way when applied appropriately.  For normal litter conditions one tablespoon per square foot is adequate. Wet litter may require higher application rates.

Is it safe to handle?

CHICK Flic has a ph level slightly lower than citric acids.  Which is good for a healthy coop but might irritate sensitive skin.  The bag’s instructions states “Do not apply by bare hand. To spread sprinkle with a container or use scoop.”  Some customers choose to handle CHICK Flic® with their bare hands and have found it not to irritate their skin.  You might be fine to sprinkle CHICK Flic® by hand but we advise caution and testing a small part on the back of your hand first.  If you have sensitive skin we advise use of a container or scoop.

How do you apply it?

Sprinkle evenly on top of the litter at the suggested application rate…approximately one tablespoon per square foot.  A uniform application is very important. If there are wet areas in the coop, a heavier application will help dry these areas out. It is important that CHICK Flic® be evenly applied under the roost and in the scratch area.

Where do I apply it?

Apply CHICK Flic only in the coop and in the fenced scratch area. Primarily under the roost and where the most droppings and odor occur.  CHICK Flic can also be applied to other small animal pen’s bedding to eliminate Ammonia and odor.  If your birds are “Free Ranged” do not apply it on the range area.

How often do I clean it out?

There are no special requirements for clean  out. Use your regular clean out schedule. Cleanout is dependent on many factors, such as size of the coop, number of chickens and wetness of the liter. One application of CHICK Flic® should be effective for ammonia control for up to a week when applied onto dry litter in the coop.

Will it affect feathers or feet?

There is no adverse effect if it accidently gets on the bird. When applied to the litter there are no negative effects on the foot pad, in fact there is evidence of improved pad health.

What is the difference between other products?

CHICK Flic® is a specially formulated product for back yard chickens flocks that contains a unique odor eliminating product that actually binds ammonia.  It utilizes a clay based carrier that absorbs moisture from the litter.

Straight clay products have a limited ammonia holding capacity and drying capacity. Lime does not control ammonia. Sulfate based products require moisture to activate them and have limited ability to dry litter. Biologicals such as enzymes and competitive exclusion products activate slowly and have limited ammonia control.

What if it gets in food and water?

There is no detrimental effect if CHICK Flic® accidentally gets into the feed or water.  As stated above the used is also used in animal feed and drinkers.

What effect does it have on weight, egg production?

CHICK Flic® has NO adverse effects on the health, weight gain or egg production of the chicken.

Will CHICK Flic work to control ammonia and odor in my other animal pens?

Yes! CHICK Flic eliminate ammonia wherever it contacts and can be used on back yard mammals and pet cages.

 Ammonia has a negative effect on weight gain, feed efficiency, egg production and general health and well-being of the bird and owner. CHICK Flic® eliminates ammonia when used as directed.