“I heard about CHICK Flic on Facebook and have really been happy with the results.  It was a small bag and I thought that it would run out really quick but it lasted about 6 months.  I have 6 chickens and their is literally no urine smell in my coop.  I clean the coop every 1.5 – 2 weeks and it is really easy to put under my pine shavings.”

Terry F.

“Thank you very much for this product!  I have chickens, but where I use this product is in my kitty litter box.  The tiniest amount sprinkled on top keeps all of the ammonia smell down it is amazing!!!” 
Tina P.

“We use CHICK Flic in the chicken coop and STOMP in the goat and duck stalls. Both products are great.”

-Donna C.

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